Do Politicians Hurt Your Health?

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Christopher Holdroyd
4 min readMar 3, 2022


Watching heartbreaking news out of embattled Ukraine, tears flowed. Former comedian and Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s words of hope and comfort for his citizens were profound. He annihilated Russia’s fog of war, replacing it with a courageous man’s clarity of purpose.

Most politicians act like heroes to get elected and become comedians while in office. Zelenskyy did it backward.

How long has it been since a politician’s words helped us feel empathy for our fellow man? Then I realized, most politicians’ words leave me feeling anxious.

Of course, our hearts go out to any leader and his citizens facing destruction by a sinister dictator.

The actions and deeds of Putin must be tragically described as those of a paranoid megalomaniac. It’s hard to fathom… the plight of war-torn Ukraine and its 44 million citizens is caused by the oppressive tyranny of one individual. Just one.

It’s a shame and a sham. All democratic societies have access to brilliant individuals, who out of a sense of duty, will contribute to a nations’ growth with vast resources of imagination and energy. One man rule throws all that into the trash can. Narcissism’s productivity is elusive and rarely reveals more than gluttony at a dinner table for one.

In America, we too have experienced one individual trying to take control of the government. And we’ve witnessed his propaganda create a caustic dystopian narrative.

Pull up to the Trump buffet for all-you-can-eat lies, fear, hatred, and anxiety! I am still perplexed why people can support a leader who is so despicable you wouldn’t invite him into your home or leave him alone with your daughter.

Similar to Putin’s world, Fox News and OAN profitably volunteered to become State-controlled television. We saw leaders of American institutions including the FBI, Justice Department, and even the Post Office, capitulate. We watched as members of the Republican party embraced complicity, turning a blind eye to crimes and treason for personal interest.



Christopher Holdroyd

I seek truth-tellers. When I find liars instead, usually politicians, the joke’s on them.